Turning Frustration into Motivation

Last week I was pretty down about all of my failings. But a failure one day does not need to be the nail in the coffin on your goals. Instead, I used my frustration with those failings to motivate me to have my best week yet. Thursday I followed through and recorded not two, but three videos. I recorded the rules to card game Exploding Kittens, redid my video for Mascarade, and a video on how to buy, sell, and transfer cryptocurrencies on the crypto exchange, Coinbase.

Friday I had a pretty busy day after work and was only able to make one video. But overall that still added up to 4 total over just two days. Then, to add to this success, I made a “What is Blockchain” video, “What is Mining” video, and a “How to Play Blend Off” video. Adding three more videos for good measure. In addition, I started setting up my youtube channels so that I can actually post these videos and hopefully start getting some youtube followers. (The videos are not live yet, but will be soon).

As for my fitness goals, I bought a weighted jump rope and added it into my workout routine. I now have been doing 100 jumps with the jump rope in addition to the rest of my workout. Thursday I did an extra workout, which allowed me to get to my new goal of 4 workouts a week with my Friday workout. Then, this weekend my volleyball team that I play volleyball with on Fridays decided to play some pickup games at the beach, causing me to spend almost 3 hours playing some very intense 2 on 2 and 4 on 4 games of volleyball, which were intense enough for me to consider it almost a fifth workout.

Not only did I succeed with my workouts, but I turned down cupcakes and bagels this week at work. All of this seems to have paid off as today when I weighed myself I am down 1.4 pounds! It was extremely exciting to hit so many goals and then also see my weight drop a little extra from what my weekly goal is. My hope is that I can keep this momentum up and continue this success long term.

Feeling Frustrated

Today I weighed myself once again, and I am frustrated. I went up 0.6 pounds. I know that is not a lot, but it feels like a lot when my goal was to lose 1 pound. I am falling behind, and it makes it hard to stay motivated. But I am not ready to give up. I am sticking with my gut check motivation from last week.

If I am being perfectly honest though, this little bit of weight gain should not be a surprise. I was on a family camping trip where we ate a lot of food and drank lots of beer. That is not a recipe for successful weight loss. But even if that had not happened, it is clear that my plan is not getting me the success I had hoped. Because of this, I am upping my mandatory workouts to 4 times a week. I am also requiring myself to get a jump rope by Monday of this coming week and will need to do 100 jumps in at least three of the workouts per week.

Tomorrow and Thursday my girlfriend works, so I plan on jumping into my videos and trying to knock out two each day. This will get me a little closer to back on track. It will really put some momentum in my corner. If I can prove to myself that I can get two videos done in a day, that will give me no excuse for not making at least one video a week. Wish me luck.

Gut Check Time

I have been off my game lately. My normal laziness and apathy are settling back in, and it has me frustrated. I am behind on my videos for both cryptocurrency and board games, I ate a cookie at work, I missed my workout Monday and then failed to follow through on my plan to make it up Tuesday, and when I weighed myself on Tuesday, I was the exact same weight as last week. As you can imagine, I am getting discouraged.

I have a tendency to start my goals strong and then just peter out, but I don’t want this to be just another failed attempt like all the others. So today, I started my gut check. I forced myself to get up, eat my two eggs for breakfast and I did my full workout and stretch. I know that doesn’t sound like much, it’s just exactly what I was supposed to do today, but it was big because to me it was a sign that I can still push through this low point.

In addition, my standing desk finally came in today, and I stood during the entire workday except for 1 hour towards the end when my legs were getting pretty exhausted. I think that it will not be long though before I can comfortably stand all day without a problem. I might even try it tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I do not think I can catch up on my videos this week, as tonight is almost over, tomorrow I have a work gathering, and this weekend I will be camping with my family all weekend. But don’t count me out just yet. My goal is to start making up for lost time next week and I plan on sticking to it. No less than two videos next week, no excuses. I also am going to start putting together a list of things I want to record for my cryptocurrency videos so that if I need to do research or plan, I can do it ahead of time.

There is one goal I am going to reset a little bit. My brother is a CrossFit trainer and knows a lot about weight loss and healthy lifestyles. When I told him my 2 pounds a week weight loss plan, he said that losing 2 pounds a week is generally meant for people over 200 pounds. He added that 1 pound a week is a healthy goal for someone under 200 and so I will switch it to that. That new plan will put my goal date on March 5th, 2019. But I will give myself an extra week making it March 12th. That really seems like forever away, but hopefully, I can get some good weeks to spread in there, to shorten it a little.

Lowering the Points of Resistance

It is Thursday and I have made another blunder. Today was the last day this week that I could have made my video for this week, or my make up video for last week. The rest of this week I will be working, in a volleyball tournament, and then out of town for a family picnic.

I really could have made my videos today, but I let other things get in my way, and made excuses. The number one excuse was that my roommate was home and in the living room, and so it would not have been quite enough for me to make my videos. Because of that, I came up with a new solution. In the basement I have a table, that is just sitting there in storage. I decided to set it up, and started setting up the lights and stand I use around it.

The way I see it, the main reason I give for not being able to make videos, is I need a quiet place to make them and it takes a long time to set everything up. If I have the basement always set up for my videos, I can layout a board game any time any day, and then just shoot the video when I have some free time. This will drastically cut down the amount of time it takes to get a video ready.

Another benefit is that I do not need to clean up the game if I do not finish the video. Before I was recording on the dining room table, and so I felt bad leaving the game out covering the whole table. Now, I will be able to leave the game out and come back to it if I need to keep shooting or reshoot something.

The way I see it this week was a failure on the videos front, but I have set myself up to win next week. Hopefully, this will get me going again and force me to keep up with my videos. I guess we will see next week.

As far as the weight loss goes, I had an okay week. I succeeded with my veggies for lunch but sadly I am only down 1.2 pounds. I was hoping to be down 2 pounds again. Now, I am going to up the ante a little on my weight loss. It occurred to me that I have no time frame for when I should lose the 32 pounds by, so I decided to come up with one.

The conventional wisdom is that you should aim for 2 pounds a week for healthy weight loss. If I lose 32 pounds losing 2 pounds a week, that will put me right around October 16th. (Assuming I am counting from when I originally started). I am already behind that so I will give myself a little more wiggle room by adding two weeks, making my target October 30th.

This means I will need to really pick up the pace, seeing as any week I do not lose 2 pounds, I will have to make it up on the next week. What makes this even more difficult, is I think the workout is becoming too easy. It still is exhausting, but on Wednesday, I did not sweat anywhere near as bad as I have in the past and my heart rate did not rise as much as it normally does. To remedy this, I am going to purchase a jump rope and add that into my routine.

Adding a jump rope hurts my “no equipment” goal, so this will only be required when I am at home, while the rest of the workout will still be required anywhere else I go. In addition, I will be trying to eat two fried eggs each morning, as it is said that eating some protein right when you wake up is good for weight loss.  This is not something I intend to make a strict rule, as if it comes down to time in the morning, I do not want to use the breakfast as an excuse to skip my workout.

Finally, one last minor weight loss helper is that I ordered a standing desk for at work. This is something I have been wanting for awhile, since sitting at a desk all day is doing terrible things to my back. I also gained about half of this extra weight within the first year of starting my first desk job. It is not clear how much this will help, but it seems like switching 8 hours of sitting with 8 hours of standing should have some positive effects, especially in addition to all the other work I am putting into losing weight. Wish me luck I get ready to jump into the next week of achieving my goals!


Missing Goals And Making It Up

As I mentioned the other day, I did my double workout, which really only caught me up for this week, it didn’t make up for the missing workout I had last week. Well, Saturday I fixed that. I worked out Saturday even though it’s normally not one of my regular workout days. So it is like I never missed a day.

Unfortunately, while I am all caught up on my workouts, I am behind again on my videos. This week should have been a board game video, but my girlfriend, who usually works late because she is a nurse, was off this week, and so I chose to spend time with her. Then, this weekend, my friend from back in high school came to town, leaving me with no time to get a video done. Let’s be real, I could have found the time, but I didn’t try hard enough. So now I am behind on my videos and will have to try and make it up this week.

Since this weekend ended up being a lot of eating out, more than I would normally be okay with, I decided to go a little heavier on the veggies this coming week. I made a broccoli casserole with a side mixed veggies for my lunches this week. The casserole isn’t super healthy, but it is more healthy than a lot of other things I could have made.

One other healthy choice I made a few weeks back, was that I started brewing Kombucha. I used to brew it, almost a year ago but stopped because the house I was living in was not warm enough during the winter. Now that I have my own place, I have started brewing it again, and it has been going well so far. If you have never had it, I recommend it. It has lots of health benefits and tastes pretty great too. Not to mention, it is surprisingly easy to make.

Tuesday I will get to weigh myself again (I have been trying to weight myself on Tuesdays at work when they have a health coach in the office who brings a very nice scale with her) so I am excited to see if I have made back any of the progress I lost the other day. Lets hope for the best.

Recovering From the 4th

It is Tuesday, and I spent last Wednesday through Sunday at my girlfriends family cottage cheating on my veggie diet and missing one workout. Not eating the veggies was something I expected since I wasn’t really in control of the food there, plus it was a holiday that I am willing to take a short break for. What I was not happy with was me skipping my workout.

I had multiple excuses, I was sleeping in the living room and so people would see me working out, the house was full of several people, and so I didn’t want to be rude, I was tired from staying up late having fun with her family. All of them true, none of them valid. Nobody would have cared, and the workout would have probably helped get me going in the morning.

On Monday I cheated again by not working out. I made the excuse that I was still exhausted since I got to bed late, and Sunday was a travel day. Also, today I weighed myself and discovered that I put the three pounds, I had formally lost, back on. That is a lot of failures, all in a short time, but I am not ready to quit on myself.

In response to that, I made sure I had an almost exclusively vegetable lunch on Monday and today, to make up for some of the cheating. This morning I did my full workout, then this afternoon I did it again. It actually felt pretty good and helped to remotivate me, making me feel like I might up my workouts to more than three times a week, but I won’t force anything yet.

Finally, I decided to add one more goal to my list of goals, because it is simple and easy to add. My whole life I have been an extremely inflexible person. Even when I was playing sports and in pretty good shape, I never could touch my toes without bending my knees. That is going to change. I currently am about 6-7 inches away from touching my toes. My new plan, which I included in my workout today, is to do some stretching after each workout. So far the routine I picked was simple. Each stretch I do for ten seconds.

  1. Standing: Reach for my toes standing up.
  2. Standing: Do a lunge to each side.
  3. Sitting: Reach for my toes straight out.
  4. Sitting: Spread my legs and reach out to the center.
  5. Sitting: Spread my legs and reach towards each leg individually.

Hopefully, I will keep this new momentum up, and recover from my bad week of cheating. I am also looking into doing some shorter more exciting goals in the meantime while I continue working on these longer goals. So be prepared for some new successes, and if you have suggestions on goals I should try to accomplish or help on your own, please comment or email me, I love hearing from my readers.

A New Week Begins

It is the second Tuesday since I started this blog. Things are continuing to go well. I weighed myself again and I am down 3 pounds! I do not know if this is actual progress I have made, or if it is a combination of water weight, using a different scale, and weighing myself at a different time of day. Either way, I am encouraged by it and I am going to use it to keep pushing myself forward.

I successfully did my workout on Monday and ate a full helping of peas and carrots as part of my lunch. Today was a bit more of a fail, as the day before holidays, one of my coworkers usually sets up a pizza day, where everyone chips in to have pizza and play games for lunch. Just one more of my exceptions. I swear they won’t be as often once the 4th of July holiday is over, but the rest of this week is not going to help.

Another point of progress is that I recorded my first cryptocurrency related video. It is a short explanation of what paper wallets are and how to create one. Once again, I made the smart decision of switching from my original plan of walking through the full process of how to create an account with Coinbase, a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It was much easier, shorter, and required less planning. Because of that, I was able to get started and found it fun and easy to create my first video. Now, I feel excited and motivated to continue making those videos, whereas before I felt reluctant and worried about trying to make one. I felt like there was no way I could make a good one, and felt like quitting before I even got started.

If you are looking to get started on something, please share it in the comments or in an email. But no matter what it is, I highly recommend just starting. Take a simple step. Make a little progress, it does not need to be a huge leap, just a small step can get you started, just like me.