SethMcGatheyWelcome to “In the Beginning, I was a Beginner”. My name is Seth McGathey and I am, like many people, a lazy person with a lot of aspirations. Today I made the choice to do my best to change that lazy part. Please join me as I try to make that a reality.

If you have ever wished you could accomplish more or wished you could see how people do it, then this is the place for you. Follow along in every success and failure. Listen to my story as I learn and grow as I begin each task anew.

This is something I have always wanted, to see the actual steps people have taken to success. Often times you do not hear someones story until after that have already succeeded. This is going to be different. You will get to follow me every step of the way, and assuming I successfully accomplish my first goals, I will continue my journey with new goals to replace them. A never-ending story of starting something new and seeing it through until the end.